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The A List Connection

A List Connection is a community built for

singles 40+ who Aspire to live a life of no-regrets!

We connect through events, travel and fun shared experiences. Your personal A List is an evolving list of big and small Aspirations. A List Connection’s goal is to help you bring your A List to life by sharing it Out Loud with others. Think of your A List as a ‘bucket list’ that is high on life, passion and partnerships.

The idea of A List Connection is to meet others who have like Aspirations! Our growing community is made up of fun, smart action takers --awesome men and women who made the decision to put themselves on their own to-do list! Whether you have wild and crazy Aspirations or you are just looking for fresh conversation – you have found the right spot!

What’s on your A List?

This is about putting YOU on your own to-do list, and meet some great people along the way! You set the pace. You can be all in or tiptoe into the shallow end so you can test the waters.

Do you yearn to travel?

Are you into social events?

Are you looking for a companion who has the same interests?

Is your career your mistress? Want to meet others with the same passion for business?

Are you looking for love?

Want to find people who love their pets as much as you do?

Are you a dare devil with couch potato friends? Want to meet fellow thrill seekers?

Why did Sandra Hanesworth create The A List Connection?

As a professional matchmaker and certified Yes Energy Coach I have seen it all. One common thread I run across is this:

People have a whole list of things they want to do, but never get to them.

We empower men and women to collaborate and put their Aspirations into action.

Why A List Connection works.

Regardless of what you are looking for, here's the truth. Traditional Matchmaking does NOT work! You can match hobbies, interests and "non-negotiables" but you can't match chemistry! Even the most amazing people can fizzle on a boring date.

A List Connection gets results!

You meet people because of your interests. Everybody knows somebody. Sometimes love happens in the craziest of ways. You never know when sparks can fly. Having fresh things to talk about is exciting is every aspect of life!

As an A Lister you are part of a larger community. You’ll be invited to group events and niche experiences! These activities are formed through group interest or by special requests. I have put together the best of the best to offer our community unique and memorable adventures all over the world. We dream big and live out loud at The A List Connection.

Why is A List Connection services A La Carte?

We offer a pay as you play program because single status can change and so can desires. We didn't want to obligate our customers to long term contracts they might not need. We know you'll stay in our community for the benefits, maybe even shift to the Non-Single side if that's your desire. Our goal is for you to share and get involved at a level that works for you.

How The A List Connection works.

It’s simple. A List Connection has a low monthly fee of $27. Your fee gets you:

  • The A List Lifestyle ezine; awesome perks, tips and resources exclusively for our A Listers
  • Access to our A List Connection community concierge service
  • Ability to share your A list and see others’ lists too
  • Invitations to all no-cost member-to-member gatherings
  • Invitations to exclusive activities and global events 
  • Access to The A List Connection Radio Show--you never know who's listening
  • Ability to upgrade to our VIP A List program (coming soon)

Early members are those who see the vision!

For signing up today you can choose one of the following additional benefits:

  1. Thirty-minute strategy session with Sandra to help you accelerate ($275. value)
  2. Guest spot The A List Connection Radio Show--you never know who's listening

How do I host an A List Connection event?

For those who really want to shine...wherever you live, you may host a (non-commercial) member-to-member gathering. This is a great way to show off your talents and share your local favorite places with others.

Statistics show when individuals make a defined single shift in one area of life, the ripple effect is often amazing and contagious. If this makes sense to you, Welcome!

Cheers to your success!

Sandra Hanesworth 

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